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Welcome to Aiyan Diabetes Center

Diabetes center

Each day approximately 2,700 people are diagnosed with diabetes. About 1 million people aged 20 or older will be diagnosed this year.

The Diabetes Center at Center for Podiatry Care has one mission: to improve the quality of life for diabetes patients in the Southeast United States, both type 1 and type 2. "Save Limbs and Save Lives" This common goal unites the clinical, education and research arms of the Aiyan Diabetes Center into a comprehensive program that is unique among diabetes facilities.


Podiatry Care

Our Podiatry service specializes in a Surgical treatment of Foot & Ankle disorders.


Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Lower extremity P.A.D. is a common disease that decreases blood flow in the arteried to the legs and feet


Diabetes Clinical Research


Diabetes Clinical Research Division congratulates Dr Janaki Nadarajah DPM, for being selected as Principal Investigator for the Autologel study, Diabetic Foot Ulcer Study and the NIH CLEVER study, AHRQ-NYU OWEMR study, Aastrom-CLI study, MUSC Cryotheraphy study.....



News & Events

Dr Leroy jackson MD Board Certified endocrinologist has joined Aiyan Diabetes Center, He will start accepting new patients in Spring of 2012 at Augusta Downtown and Evans Office locations.

Dr. Aamir, Endocrinologist joins Aiyan Diabetes Center at Athens and Royston Offices from July 2012.

Dr. Rehana Qadir joins Aiyan Diabetes Center, Evans Augusta office for Diabetes patient care/ Internal Medicine.


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Aiyan Diabetes Center acquires its 2nd and 3rd locations in Royston GA and Athens GA.

Aiyan opens 4th location at downtown augusta, Call the office to book an appointment.

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Aiyan Diabetes Center Collaborates With New York University in the AHRQ –NIH sponsored Trial.


Aiyan Diabetes center Collaborates with Medical University Of south Carolina In Cryotherapy Study.


Aiyan Diabetes Center is Conducting a Diabetic Foot Ulcer Study with Osiris. Actively Recruiting Patients
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Aiyan diabetes Center is Conducting the NIH Sponsored Study –Clever study.


BioMedix Announces Collaboration with NIH-Sponsored Claudication Trial Called C.L.E.V.E.R